Created by spongefan2, this is the page were you make your own jellyfish and their abilities, like fire jellyfish, and places for them to have fun.

== Jellyfish==

WARNING: every title ending always has the word jellyfish e.g. brown jellyfish

1.The Sponge JellyFish-this one of the most best jellyfish ever

2.The Squid Jellyfish-is another best jellyfish

3.The Star Jellyfish - A lazy jellyfish.

4.The Giant Jellyfish -World's biggest jellyfish.

5.The Ghost Jellyfish - A Dead Jellyfish.

6.The Plankton Jellyfish-An Evil Jellyfish

7.The Krab Jellyfish - A Crab jellyfish.

8.The Puffer Jellyfish - This is a Jellyfish that blows up.

9. The Multi-Jellyfish - Has multiple brains.

10. Ancient Jellyfish - This is like a Roman Soldier.

11. The Sandy Jellyfish - Can live in air.

12. Buff Jellyfish - Very strong. Has been known to wrestle fishermen on the shores.

13.The Warping Jellyfish- warps everywhere

add more if you like


WARNING:every places starts with jellyfish e.g. jellyfish bottom

  1. JellyFish Joint(Place to hang out)
  2. Queen Jellyfish's Throne(Queen's home)
  3. Jellyfish Beach
  4. Jellyfish Destruction City (JDC is a place full of anti-jellyfish that don't like normal jellyfish.)