• Patrick and Richard and Patrick's Brother and Jack hang around at home for the nocturnal cut on it and then they Solve it to get the series finale. At Patrick's house Patrick and Jack and Richard and Patrick's Brother sit and do work and then they wait for Luke Spacey Lee and his Mafias to arrive. The Lee mafia family arrive and then Patrick kills the Lee crime family. During Luke Spacey Lee's arrival Patrick and Richard and Patrick's Brother and Jack help out while Jack and Richard and Patrick's Brother get in the escape car.
  • Luke Spacey Lee gets out a gasoline can while Patrick opens the rock on the top and the rock is open. Luke Spacey Lee pours the gasoline on Patrick's TV and then Luke prepares to burn Patrick's tv. Patrick gets a call from Jack and then he waits for the car to pick him up. Jack stops the car and then Patrick exits the rock house using a ladder and then he leaves the rock house and then he gets in the car.
  • In Patrick's car Patrick and Richard and Jack and Patrick's Brother drive Away fast away from Luke Spacey Lee. Patrick goes in Spongebob's house. Patrick and his brother and Richard and Jack talks to Spongebob and then Spongebob calls the fireman (Ernie Borgnine) and then he calls back. Luke Spacey Lee walks out of the rock house quickly and then the police and the swat and the squad and the FBI and the firemen and the ambulance stand outside while the fireman pours the fire oUt with water. Patrick says time for the next season.