SpongeBob Robert SquarePants Sr. Born July 14,1986 Age 28


Mr. Square Pants Father

Mrs. Square Pants Mother

Sherm Square Pants Uncle

Blue Square Pants Uncle

Stanley Square Pants Cousin

Grandma Square Pants GrandParents

Grandpa Square Pants

Sponge Buck Square Pants


Penny Square Pants Daughter

SpongeBob Square Pants Jr. Son

Klarie Square Pants Daughter


SpongeSue Square Pants Wife


Patrick Star

Sandy Cheeks

Mr. Krabs

Squidward Tentacles Sometimes

Alaska Krabs

Pearl Krabs


Sheldon Plankton

Karen Plankton

Bubble Bass

Personal LifeEdit

Spongebob was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) on July 14, 1986. But he grew up in Bikini Utopia since 1988. In 1989, when he was 3 years old, he met Patrick Star who was also a 3 year old toddler. But Patrick is 5 months older as he was born in February originally to be born in January. When Spongebob was in 2nd Grade in  1994, he got pushed down the stairs by a large scary bully from the 5th Grade. But Patrick who did not want his buddy to be beaten fought the bully behind the gym and won and Spongebob was never picked on again. 2 years later, Patrick dropped out of school to do more important stuff (sleep on his couch all day) Spongebob however did not do the wrong thing like Patrick did and completed school and went to M.I.T just for two years in Boston, Massachusetts. The college asked him to leave as he was way too smart. Spongebob didn't get affected by this and just moved on. Spongebob then inheritedone of his parent's houses in Bikini Bottom. But since he was just a young teenager he only rented half the house until 2004 when he officially bought it. One day on a cold November day of 2011. Spongebob was watching the news and then saw something intresting on it. The news said that a 25 year old pink figure later identified as Patrick Daniel Star. Was arrested today for accidentally jay-walking on a busy street in downtown Bikini Bottom. 2 days later, Spongebob bailed him out and told him NO JAYWALKING ANYMORE OR I'M NOT BAILING YOU OUT NEXT TIME! Although being stupid, Patrick still ahd to accept the consequences. In 2013, Spongebob was in the Barg-In-Mart with Patrick Star getting some delicious cream filled coral balls. But Patrick farted a couple times in the store. Spongebob then realized what Patrick did was more than a fart. Patrick accidentally pooped his pants in the store. Spongebob just decided to go home instead of shopping since he does not want his friend to be laughed at. On the ride home, when Patrick was driving, he farted a couple mroe times in the boat and when they finally got home. Patrick quickly ran to the bathroom in his rock and did diarrhea for three hours in his toilet. Spongebob turned 27 on July 14, 2013. He'll turn 28 next year.


Low Payed Part Time New Reporter For School (1993 - 1998)

Frycook at the Krusty Krab (1999)

Spongebob's Books That He MadeEdit

2000 - Tea At The TreedomeEdit

2001 - Hall MonitorEdit

2002         Hands Off!====

2004 - And The Winner Is?Edit

2007 - Horray For Dads!Edit

 2006          Vote Spongebob!Edit

  2005         Spongebob Hockey!Edit

2008 - Behold, No Cavities!Edit

           Atlantis SquarepantisEdit

2009 - Who Bob What Pants?Edit

2010 - Coloring BooksEdit

2011 - More Coloring BooksEdit

2012 - Drive-Thru DutyEdit

2013 - Art Contest! : June 3, 2013Edit

           Have You Seen This Snail! : June 15, 2013Edit

           U.F.O! (Coming Soon, October 29, 2013)Edit

AFTER U.F.O comes out in October of 2013, Spongebob will be creating six new books. The first one in December of 2013 which he is also writing actually and the other five to come out different days in 2014.Edit

New Books

December 2013 - New Secrets Of Patrick!Edit

February 2014 - Squid-A-CaneEdit

April 2014 - Fools-In-April IIEdit

July 2014 - Patrick's First BathEdit

October 2014 - Show And StealEdit

November 2014 - Ding Dong, Patrick's Sister Is Back!Edit

Favorite HobbiesEdit





Bubble Blowing



Annoying Squidward

Fighting (OF COURSE ON TV)