"SpyPants!" Is a spin-off created by Deetfeet that anyone can help write! Its about "SpongeBob" becoming a spy/detective/undercover agent and other related jobs and working for the government.


6 episodes were picked up for season 1.

Season 1Edit

Title Card # Title


"Case #1: SpyPants! (Pilot)" January 22, 2010 [[User:{{{Writer}}}]]
SpongeBob must find a new job after the Krusty Krab closes. So, he remembers when he was a kid that he wanted to be a spy! So, he got a job as a spy, and his first mission was to find out who was going to rob the Bikini Bottom Bank and stop him!

"Case #2: Goo Lagoon" January 22, 2010 [[User:{{{Writer}}}]]
SpongeBob gets a case from Larry in which someone stole all the surfboards from the Lagoon rent station. SpongeBob goes undercover as a surfer and trys to find them.

"Case #3: Inventions" January 23, 2010 [[User:{{{Writer}}}]]
SpongeBob gets a case from Sandy in which his inventions explode, but the most unusual thing is that they explode even before turn on them! Who is behind this crime?

"Case #4: Birthday" January 24, 2010 [[User:{{{Writer}}}]]
It's Spongebob's birthday and Patrick hosts a birthday party at his home for Spongebob. However, when it's time to blow out the candles, birthday cake is lost. Who is behind this crime?

"Case #5: Formula" February 2, 2010 User:Deetfeet
The Kabby Patty formula has gone missing from Krab's house, so SpongeBob must find it, and for once, Plankton was not behind it!

"Case #6: Scuba Divers" February 2, 2010 User:Deetfeet
A bunch of scuba divers invade Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob must go undercover and find where they're coming from and stop them!!!

Season 2Edit

Season 1 was successful in the ratings, gaining in 6.5 million viewers average, so 10 episodes were picked up for season 2.

Title Card # Title Airdate: Written by

"Case #7: Car Theif" February 3, 2010 User:Deetfeet
Someone stole all the cars from Ms. Puff's boating school, so SB has to find them and bring the guy who stole them to justice!

"Case #8: Bucket" February 3, 2010 User:Deetfeet
Someone stole the Chum Bucket bucket! Plankton claims it can't be anyone underwater, because no fish could support that much weight, so SB must go on the surface and investigate.

"Case #9: New Member" February 3, 2010 User:Deetfeet
A new member joins Bikini Bottom Headquarters, and he becoems a better member than SpongeBob, until SpongeBob thinks he is acting suspicious. He finds out he is planning to destroy "BBH" and Bikini Bottom! He has to stop hi before he does!

"Case #10: Missing Clothes" February 3, 2010 User:Deetfeet
SpongeBob finds out all his clothing is missing! So he goes on an un-necessary mission to find out what happened to them!

"Case #11: Chum Burger" February 4, 2010 User:SpongeWriter123
Patrick joins Bikini Bottom Headquarters as Spongebob's helper ; Spongebob gets a case from Plankton where somebody stole recipe of Plankton's chum burger. Spongebob almost thinks out who stole it, when Patrick starts confusing Spongebob. Who is behind this crime?

"Case #12: Hot Dog!" Febuary 6,2010 User:William Leonard
SpongeBob finds out a hot dog store opened next door to he krusty Krab, and, worried that he might lose his shop, Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob out to find out just who the owner of the hot dog store really is!


1. No crossover characters or anything like that.


Please add your name if you would like a job on the series.

Deetfeet: Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Director (Season 1 - Present)

SpongeWriter123: Writer, Executive Producer, Director's Assistant, Cleaner (Season 1 - Present)

Angel Sponge x Anime Writer, Executive Producer, Story Borad Artist (Season 2)

William Leonard: Writer 2nd Position, Sound Editor, Voice of SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Gary (All Seasons)