• Patrick talks to his brother and Richard and Jack about something that is right to say for anything. Patrick takes his brother to the airport for his brothers vacation and then Patrick leaves the airport. Patrick goes to Squidwards house for his reference call and everything there. Patrick walks up to Squidwards door and says are you available and Squidward says yes and Patrick walks in.
  • Patrick talks to Squidward about his and day and he says your fired. Patrick has the Tentacles Crime Family and then kills them and tells Squidward a good job. Patrick tells Squidwards he is going to his basement on the way to know where it is. In the basement Patrick and Squidward check it out to find what's safe in there.
  • Patrick tells Squidward a joke to himself any way there is nothing to be worried without advice and then he checks it out and returns back upstairs. Patrick and Squidward worry about the stolen Clarinet and then Patrick takes his Clarinet and steals it from him. Patrick takes off with the stolen Clarinet and then Squidward yells stop.
  • Patrick takes Squidwards stolen Clarinet to the fire and then he throws it in the fire. Squidward calls the police and says he stole my Clarinet and he set it on fire and then the cop Officer John says ok thank you. Patrick has a good time with everything what he likes to enjoy and do it right and then he walks around. Patrick sings a song to himself get a bus and then Officer John arrives and tells Patrick you stole Squidwards Clarinet and then set it on fire to get Patrick arrested.
  • In the police car Officer John Takes Patrick to the police station to jail to know where it's located. Patrick follows Officer John in the police precinct station to know what's there and then Officer John with Patrick goes inside. In the police station Patrick tells Officer John about everything and then he says get on the ground you are under arrest for stealing and then Patrick follows him to his cell. In the cell Patrick says what am I going to do and then he finds a key and unlocks the cell and then he finds 5 Bad police officers and knocks them out and kills them and goes to the exit to escape.
  • In the locker room Patrick has a group of 2 Bad police officers and then kills them. Patrick gets a call from Squidward and then he tells him exit the police station before more cops that are bad shows up and then he walks to the exit. In the compound Patrick walks out and then he talks to Squidward about his way of knowing. Patrick gets in the car with Squidward and then he drives him home.